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Spray Tan – Top Tips

Having a flawless spray tan is everyone’s ultimate goal, however there are some reasons why this does not happen.

  1. Some moisturisers contain oil.  This can prevent the spray tan solution from penetrating your skin.  Some are unaware that using very oily moisturisers over a period of time can cause build up and even though you have scrubbed your skin, it can cause your spray tan to be lighter on these areas. Check out for full pre-spray tan procedures.
  2. If you are unsure of what shade to have then always opt for the lower DHA percentage.  Some clients are tempted to go for it but this can have the opposite effect.  Start low and work your way up!
  3. FAST tan is a very good way of developing your tan at the last minute! This spray tan develops between 2-5 hours giving you flexibility on the shade you require.  It is also great for that last minute tan.
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Tanning Solutions

I have a number of different solution brands with many different tones for every skin type.  The most popular is LA Tan solution, which provides a fantastic mocha brown natural looking tan.  It dries in minutes and looks great!  All the spray tans are performed in your own home for your convenience so that you do not have to venture out after.  If you require any more information please contact us on 07967 345605

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First Post!

I am a qualified mobile tanning specialist operating in the Shoebury, Great Wakering, Thorpe Bay, Southchurch, Southend, Westcliff, Leigh and Rochford area. I specialise in full body solo and party spray tans. I use sunless solution, which has three different tones to suit different skin types. These all are a very nice sun kissed glow and smells divine. I have a portable tent in which I carry out the spray tan to ensure any over spray is retained within the portable tent.

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