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Spray Tan Safe?

It is the talk of the town whether spray tans are safe or not.  The main point is that the DHA was passed as safe by the FDA for lotions and external use only.  Although spray tans are for still external use only, as it is sprayed on to the skin the solution can also be ingested.  Bella Tanning offer masks for the majority of the procedure only taking it off to spray the face.  This greatly minimizes breathing the product into your lungs.  The general consensus is if you only have a spray tan once a month then you would not be high risk.  It seems the only real risk is for the spray tanning specialist.  This is why our trained specialists will wear a mask throughout the process of your spray tan – so don’t be worried! It seems there are more harmful substances in your hairspray that you spray over your hair and breath in then any problem with a spray tan.

Extract from The Daily Mail

“‘For the casual user – the person who goes once a month – frankly there’s probably no problem at all.’

Check out for more information on preventative equipment.

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Big Brothers Alex has many spray tans!

A few spray tan's for Alex from Big Brother!

Poor Alex from Big Brother had to endure four spray tan’s back to back! Obviously this isn’t recommended but there were a few questions that the task brought to peoples attention:

1.Turning green –  If you turn green on any part of your skin then this is due to not removing deodorant, perfume or sweat.  The DHA in the solution is sugar based and when mixed with the chemicals on your skin turn your top layer of skin brown.  If other chemicals are mixed with the solution parts of your body can turn green.  This is only whilst the spray tan solution is developing and will wash off when you are due to shower, however the places it was green would not have developed correctly and will leave a slightly lighter shade in these areas.

2. Exfoliate – Always exfoliate as much as you can up to 24 hours prior to your spray tan.  This ensures all dead skin cells are removed so the spray tan solution can do its magic and the youngest skin available.  The more dead skin cells you remove the longer your spray tan will last and it will fade more evenly.

3. Moisturise – The solution has to sit on the skin for 12 hours to develop.  Once you wash the tan guide off you should moisturise your skin everyday.  This will keep your spray tan looking great and last longer.

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