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Spray Tan – Top Tips

Having a flawless spray tan is everyone’s ultimate goal, however there are some reasons why this does not happen.

  1. Some moisturisers contain oil.  This can prevent the spray tan solution from penetrating your skin.  Some are unaware that using very oily moisturisers over a period of time can cause build up and even though you have scrubbed your skin, it can cause your spray tan to be lighter on these areas. Check out for full pre-spray tan procedures.
  2. If you are unsure of what shade to have then always opt for the lower DHA percentage.  Some clients are tempted to go for it but this can have the opposite effect.  Start low and work your way up!
  3. FAST tan is a very good way of developing your tan at the last minute! This spray tan develops between 2-5 hours giving you flexibility on the shade you require.  It is also great for that last minute tan.
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Spring is here!

Mobile Spray TanThe clocks have gone forward and the weather is warming up! It is the season for weddings and proms and everyone of you will be looking for that lovely summer dress to compliment your figure. Once you have chosen that dress, chosen your hair do and had your nails done there is only one thing you need to do and that is book a spray tan! Every outfit looks great with a spray tan. There is nothing better to boost your confidence then to have a mobile spray tan to ensure you have a streak free mocha brown tan. Bella Tanning are here for prom nights, weddings, birthdays or just a night out on the town to make you feel special.


You work all week and then at the weekend you are invited to a BBQ and its going to be hot! Have your legs not seen daylight for 6 months? Then why not have spray tan. Ensure you have an all over streak free tan for those special occasions.

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Big Brothers Alex has many spray tans!

A few spray tan's for Alex from Big Brother!

Poor Alex from Big Brother had to endure four spray tan’s back to back! Obviously this isn’t recommended but there were a few questions that the task brought to peoples attention:

1.Turning green –  If you turn green on any part of your skin then this is due to not removing deodorant, perfume or sweat.  The DHA in the solution is sugar based and when mixed with the chemicals on your skin turn your top layer of skin brown.  If other chemicals are mixed with the solution parts of your body can turn green.  This is only whilst the spray tan solution is developing and will wash off when you are due to shower, however the places it was green would not have developed correctly and will leave a slightly lighter shade in these areas.

2. Exfoliate – Always exfoliate as much as you can up to 24 hours prior to your spray tan.  This ensures all dead skin cells are removed so the spray tan solution can do its magic and the youngest skin available.  The more dead skin cells you remove the longer your spray tan will last and it will fade more evenly.

3. Moisturise – The solution has to sit on the skin for 12 hours to develop.  Once you wash the tan guide off you should moisturise your skin everyday.  This will keep your spray tan looking great and last longer.

Check out for more help and advice!


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Celebrities Who Need a Spray Tan | NBC Philadelphia

Spray Tan by Bella Tanning

A beautiful tan for a beautiful you!

Some celebrities are in need of a spray tan! Take a look at these pale peeps – just for fun!

Celebrities Who Need a Spray Tan | NBC Philadelphia.


Tanning Solutions

I have a number of different solution brands with many different tones for every skin type.  The most popular is LA Tan solution, which provides a fantastic mocha brown natural looking tan.  It dries in minutes and looks great!  All the spray tans are performed in your own home for your convenience so that you do not have to venture out after.  If you require any more information please contact us on 07967 345605

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